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Small Tips to Reclaim your Ramadan this year, Mama!

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Bismillah, with Ramadan around the corner our social media feeds will no doubt be buzzing with countless posts on how to keep our little ones occupied this Month. And if you’re anything like me, you’d be feeling pretty overwhelmed right now. I mean who wouldn’t, with less than 30 days remaining we have to organise meal planning, Eid shopping, and not to mention the endless educational/ fun-activities for children as well as their spiritual development . But my question to you is, what about you O mother, what about your own growth? Who will take care of that?

A mother does a lot of taking care, so she needs to take care of herself, too. As a mother is feeding and cultivating the souls of her children, so she should nourish her own soul and also take time out for her own play and learning!

Yes, we do have a mighty task ahead of us, after all we are literally raising the future of our Ummah (nation) and this is no small thing! But, if we ourselves, as mothers, as primary caregivers are not healthy in mind, body and spirit then how can we hope to be a good example and educator to our children? This post will touch on this and inshaAllah discuss small ways in which we can build our own culture and keep it active even when the Ramadan spark seems to wane!

We are more than what we look like, what we say. Allah has created each of us with something essential and that is the soul. We must take care of our souls and nurture the good things like a garden and root out all the bad.

Abu Hurayrah (radiyAllahu ‘anhu) reported, that the Messenger of Allah (salal lahu aleyhi wa sallam) said, “Iman in the heart is torn as a garment is torn, so revive your iman.”

Furthermore, ibn Abbas (radiyAllahu ‘anhu) said, ‘In the ayah, “See you not how Allah coins a similitude: A goodly saying, as a goodly tree, it’s root set firm, it’s branches reaching into heaven’, the goodly tree is the believer and ‘its root set firm, it’s branches reaching to the heavens’ means that the believer works and talks on Earth so his words and deeds reach into Heaven while he still lives on Earth.”  Ibn al Qayyim (rahimahullah] explains that this is the clear example of the tree of Islam within the heart. It must be watered regularly with good and beneficial deeds and strengthened by the remembrance of Allah and contemplation of His Book- otherwise it will become dry and lifeless or overpowered by weeds! {1}

So let us all make an effort to make the most out of this blessed month and keep going even when we face the Ramadan blues. They say it takes 30 days to build a habit, so what can be better then the month of Ramadan, with the power of the shayateen shackled, to embark on your own personal journey of growth.

Allah loves those deeds that are consistent even if small. Below are only some of the things you can start doing this Ramadan:

A word on sincerity

When it came to Ramadan our righteous predecessors used to say “O Allah, the month of Ramadan has come and cast its shadow over us; so send it upon us with peace, and make us submit to it, and bestow upon us fasting and praying at night during it, and grant us sincerity and help to strive during it, and give us strength and energy and protect us from trials doing it.”{2} Whatever you do, always review your intention, make it for His sake alone so that we get the true reward for fasting , and not just hunger and thirst!

Seeking Knowledge

The great scholar, Sheikh Uthaymeen (rahimahullah], said “a woman herself must be righteous, a great example to others and this doesn’t occur except through knowledge.” {3}

This doesn’t mean we must all be scholars, but we must always be learning, reading and growing. Learning should never stop. As our children age and face harder ideas, we must be able to offer them insight and wisdom!

Know your Lord

Learn His most beautiful Names and Attributes, the more you learn about Him, the greater your Love and trust in Allah will be and in turn it will make your worship and connection stronger!

Select a name that has a specific meaning to you right now, and use them in your dua,

Allah says; “And to Allah belong the most beautiful Names, so call upon Him using them” {7:180}

For example, Allah is an Noor (the Light). So ask Allah to make you a source of light and comfort to your children, that He makes your children become a beacon of light in this dark world. Allah is ar Rab, He nurtures and sustains sincere worshippers by correcting their heart, soul and manners, so ask Allah to nourish your own soul. {4}

Embark on your life long journey of Quran

With only as little as 10 minutes a day- Remember? Allah loves deeds that are small and consistent- start building your relationship with our biggest Guide to life. Recite it beautifully, brush up on your Tajweed, and listen to a Qari as often as possible.

In addition, start by selecting a good, authentic translation (Dr Muhsin Kahn al Hilali), and Tafsir (we highly recommend Tafsir as Sadi’); start by reading one verse with translation with the Tafsir daily and soon, by the will of Allah, you shall see how your iman blossoms!

Dua is the Weapon of the Believer

If dua isn’t a part of your daily life then now is the time to add them. Make a habit of making dua for yourself, your family and everyone. Also include dua in your daily speech- how beautiful is it if we truly understand the words that we utter!

Qiyam al Lail

Ten minutes before Fajr perform the night prayer with as little as two rakah concluding with the Witr prayer.

"If you are give thanks, I will give you more." [Surah Ibrahim: 7]


Ramadan is a month where with the hardships we face due to hunger, thirst and fatigue we can truly actualise how blessed we are. Allah has blessed us with so many bounties. Let’s make a habit of appreciating our blessings and not taking them for granted anymore.

Your Body Has Rights

Take charge of your health this month! It is our duty to look after our health and needless to say, us mothers tend to really slack when it comes to this, myself included! But alhamdullilah, as with our learning, we can also take baby steps towards improving our health. Be mindful of what you eat; your body needs you to check in regularly and ask what it needs!

Add more nutritious food and herbs into your diet. Here is a wonderful tea recipe you can fix easily for yourself.

Nettle is nutrient dense and eating it regularly can supply you with the needed vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients including iron and calcium that are most likely missing from your diet. So that really covers a broad spectrum of problems; from fatigue, to seasonal allergies, stress, low milk supply, achy joints, you name it! Also, dandelion is also highly nutritious and used together are very effective when you have forgotten to have your vegetables! If you are a Beatrix Potter fan then you will remember the day that Peter Rabbit narrowly escaped a distressing ordeal in Mr. McGregor’s garden. Once he was safely home his mother gave him a cup of chamomile tea before putting him to bed.

Chamomile is one of my favourite herbs, it is another versatile herb that concentrates on the nervous system. It is so soothing and calming; it not only helps to promote rest, but also helps to mediate pain and inflammation.

Carve some time out for your own play and creativity. Rather than wait until you are on the brink of burn-out, consider fitting small, yet feasible slots of time for yourself. This doesn’t have to be extravagant nor consume a lot of time!  Choose little pleasantries within reach which can mean different things for each mother. One may for instance take delight in painting, another in blogging, or even spending time in nature, surrounded with plants, breathing in their abundance supply of oxygen and aromatic oils which in turn influence the body and nervous system!!

~I think my life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face~
George Eliot

Remember, when you are nourished and refreshed in mind, body and spirit regularly you can truly, by Allah’s will become the beacon of light for your family and be the best mother, teacher and caregiver you can ever be. Don't forget to download your FREE printables to get you ready for Ramadan!


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