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Common phrases in Arabic for MUMs! 

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

One of the biggest challenges for any language learner is finding the time and more so the confidence to practise the chosen language until they teach oral proficiency!

Now fluency requires work, time and a heap load of commitment, but do not lose heart just yet because if you practise the following tips DAILY you will pretty soon see improvements in your fluency and overall understanding.

  1. Practice speaking even if it feels awkward! Yes, this was something I personally struggled with for a long time when I began my own journey of learning Arabic, but now (mostly due to age factors) I can proudly say I. Simply. Don't. Care. Anymore.

  2. Push and challenge yourself to read and listen to things slightly above your level. Write down those extra words you have just come across, keep a well known English-Arabic dictionary; such as al Mawrid or almaany (both available as hardcopies or can be downloaded as Apps). There is so much good and authentic literature out there. My personal favourite is the Stories of the Prophets (nice and short).

  3. Lastly, find a native speaker and bug them, *wink*. I am sure they would be honoured to help!

What are the 5 most common phrases you say to your children? Please comment below!

We have some exciting new resources coming SOON, inshAllah so stay tuned!

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